Contradictions intrigue me. They taunt me, begging me to explore the gray area between extremes.

My degree states that I was formally trained and educated as a copywriter; but, I don't believe in the confines of what I'm classified as on paper--I'm much more than that. Above all, I see myself as a creative, as an artist even. Words, paint, photography, and design are simply my chosen mediums. I'm a lover of words, yet I'm intrigued by what words cannot do. What a lovely contradiction. 

I was born between a cornfield and a dirt road in The Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. However, my style and passions define me as someone made for the city - even my Vans stained with red dirt can attest to this. I'll eat pizza any day of the week on my finest China--if I even had Fine China--and you can count on me to be the one pouring Prosecco into a red Solo cup without hesitation. I'm all for sushi and the quality Instagram stories that come with it, but I’d rather have egg yolk dripping from my fingertips as I scarf down some variation of a breakfast burger. My taste in music is completely dependent on my mood - sometimes I'm the dad at a Fourth of July BBQ, and sometimes I'm the high school girl trying to look cool as I drive around campus with my windows rolled down. I'll forever be a fan of 90s rock, as I believe it was an underrated era of music. At the other end of the spectrum, I'm anxiously awaiting the return of 1D from their hiatus. Remember, this is a no judgement zone. 

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. I'm a creative. I’m a contradiction. But, I think I’m okay with that.